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  • Rebecca Ray

My "Why?"

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

As an eighth grader, I began to experience breakouts on my face. What started out as a few spots here and there overtime began to worsen between basketball practices and the makeup I was sweating in to cover those spots during games. As the years went by, I continued this routine in high school and began stressing about my skin which, in turn, made my acne worse. We spent thousands of dollars on prescriptions and random products to help and they didn't. I even bought a face wash online that was bleaching my towels and pillowcases because the ingredients were so harsh. After feeling like I had exhausted all of my options, I finally just accepted it and hoped that I would grow out of it. My problem was I never invested in medical-grade products and remained faithful to any skincare routine because I wanted immediate results. If it meant purposefully burning in the sun to dry out my face (my unsolicited and pre-aesthetic career advice), I was determined to fix it myself. It really wasn't until the last couple of years that I have started to see a change in my skin. I began seeing an aesthetician who treated and educated me and I invested in good medical-grade skincare products that I used faithfully. I do still suffer from the occasional breakout, acne scarring, and hyperpimentation which I am working on with chemical peels and microneedling but hey, I claimed to be relatable & raw, not perfect. What truly distinguishes Raydiant Skin in the beauty treatment industry is a passion for helping people and an unwavering commitment to clients to help them achieve their desired results throughout the entire treatment process. I know the struggle and frustration troubled skin can bring, and that pushes me to give my very best to my clients each day.

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