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  • Rebecca Ray

A Little Dab'll Do Ya

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

We have always heard the phrase "less is more," but how often do we actually take those words seriously? In the skincare industry, often less IS more. Products, especially serum and eye cream, go a long way. Take a look at the picture below for a product portion guide! This reference is a basic morning skincare routine. The correct order of application for this lineup is cleanser, serum, moisturizer, SPF, eye cream and lastly, lip treatment. Remember to always apply sunscreen, even if you do not plan to be in direct sunlight, as the sun's rays penetrate through windows and cloud cover.

Now, let's talk makeup application. We often look at our skin imperfections and think that caking on makeup will make them appear less noticeable. Guilty. In all honestly, attempting to camouflage these conditions often makes them appear more noticeable. For acne prone skin, mild scarring, and dry skin types, try using a small, pearl size amount of CC cream. This will reduce the appearance of redness and irritation without drawing attention to breakouts. Tips to remember for acnetic and scarred skin is that dry powders, often in compact form, can cause the skin to appear dry and "cakey." For naturally oily skin types, a loose compact or translucent powder is recommended. Also try applying with a makeup brush rather than the sponge that comes with the makeup for an evenly distributed and more natural finish.

With that being said, we all seek to have skin that doesn't need a lot of makeup coverage. A proper skincare routine doesn't always do the trick alone. Schedule a skincare consult to see which products and corrective treatments will help you to achieve the results that you wish to see.

Aside from the skincare portion of this post - some real life lessons where less is more

  1. Our words. Guilty. Again. When we become frustrated, it is easy list every reason why what the person did was wrong, as well as, everything that the person has EVER done wrong with no breaths in between, thinking it will make us feel better. After they apologize and we've made them feel small, we realize that all of those words probably weren't necessary. A little dab would have done it. Saying our piece is important, but listening more and saying less is more.

  2. How we spend our time. We love the idea of taking a break from social media, but can't bear the thought of what we might miss. The engagements, the pregnancies, the drama, even the birthday reminders. The text messages that we have to not only read, but also reply to right this minute. While worrying about what we MIGHT miss, here are some things that we DO miss.

- The sunset when we are on our phones in the car

- The in-person conversations that we are physically present for because we are more involved in our texting conversations. If we think about it, texting while participating in an in person conversation is saying that we care more about that conversation than the one right in front of us.

- The sound of silence. We are home alone for five minutes and instead of enjoying and appreciating those few moments of silence and free time, we fill it with everyone else's pictures, thoughts and business.

Our smart phones can be such a blessing, don't get me wrong. But sometimes, a little dab'll do ya.

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