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  • Rebecca Ray


Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Your skin is an organ; therefore, what you put into your body and what’s going on inside your body reflects on the outside. If you are struggling to find products that work for your skin, it may be that internal imbalances are showing on the surface.

The forehead corresponds to the digestive system. High stress levels, lack of sleep, and poor diet can cause irritation, pimples, and lines on the forehead.

The temples, the forehead, and between the eyes are represented by the liver and bladder. The liver is designed to detox, so a poor diet and alcohol consumption can also be reflected in this area.

Issues with the kidneys can cause dark circles or puffiness under the eyes. Dark circles can also be a sign of low iron or anemia.

The cheeks relate to the stomach, spleen, and respiratory system. Stomach inflammation can cause the cheeks to appear red or flushed. Allergies, sinus issues, and poor diet can lead to breakouts and irritation in the area.

A bluish color above the lips or on both lips can indicate poor circulation which could be affecting your body’s cardiovascular functioning. Pigmentation or excessive hair growth in the upper lip area can be caused by a hormonal imbalance.

The jawline and chin are linked with the hormonal and reproductive systems. Breakouts in this area are often caused by menstruation and stress.

The body and its organs work together to tell us when something is wrong. Take a look into your diet and daily lifestyle to ween out bad habits that could be causing your skin to suffer!

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